Leadership Life Training

THE ATA Leadership program is home to inspiring tales of leadership, honor, and charity – guiding principles of our martial arts system – plus help to keep kids safe from bullies, abduction, poor health, and missed opportunities. The Leadership Team offers special rewards for Leadership members including elite training videos, merchandise discounts, and more. […]


Paolo D. Vettore

Martial Arts Training: How to Stretch Properly for Better Flexibility

Martial Arts have that fascinating dynamism and speed that require your body to be flexible, and all of you knows that a flexible body means higher standards in your techniques. I still have in my mind the first time I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking an opponent while splitting his […]

Important News Update

The New ATA Tiger Program   has been unveiled!       If you haven’t clicked that link or seen our display at the school, please check it out and meet all the exciting new characters! We’re having an introductory “Tiger Day” on Saturday, August 23rd.



Why Is a Taekwondo Program Beneficial?

Over the past several decades, American’s have become fascinated with martial arts. After all, there have been dozens of movies made where marital arts played a significant part, there are dojos offering classes in a wide range of fighting and balance techniques and it has been a part of the […]

Black Belt Birthdays

“Kick it with us for your birthday!” Host your student’s Birthday Party with us. Make this birthday one to remember with high energy, good food, Life skills and a whole lot of fun! Remember, we’re a big ATA Family Schedule now! Click the picture link below now: Dear Parent, Black Belt Birthdays really […]